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Recipe by a Hungry Blond


4 ingredient energy balls which are so fast to make and delicious whenever you feel like a little snack or sweet treat ! approx 100 cals a ball.⠀

Ingredients ⠀

? 200g of @ericspeanuts ? 60 gr of coconut flour ⠀
? 60 gr of @happymaple_ch ? 1 tsp of vanilla ⠀
? 1 pinch of salt ⠀

1. In a medium bowl, add peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract and coconut flour. Mix with a spatula, add a pinch of salt. Fold until thickened. Place the bowl in the fridge for 30 mins - 1 hour.⠀

2. Remove from the fridge. Using your hands, make little balls and place them on a plate or tray. Place them into the freezer to chill for 20-30 minutes, until somewhat firm.⠀

3. I store mine in the freezer and take one out whenever I want one !⠀

Recipe by @ahungryblond