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Peanut butter: the rocket pocket of sport nutrition

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Sometimes one must fight the bad with the worst; there is no alternative. It was the case with that awful time we experienced with Covid. During the locked down, most people started filling their boredom by creating new activities such as gardening and playing music.

But, mostly, they turned their attention toward home training and cooking. Suddenly, people had more time to improve the quality of their diet and activities, driving awareness to a healthier lifestyle.

This increased time spent learning more about sport and nutrition and the healthcare system shifting massively from a reactive to a preventive attitude led to a new interest in everything labeled as healthy.

However, this came with a cost: the sparkling ads and colorful voiceovers for superfoods and supplements started popping up everywhere, hurting wallets more than improving body composition.

Evidence also shows that most supplements harm one's body more than improve performance. Don't get me wrong; a handful of supplements can maximize one's athletic performance - but not more.

Even if superfood is a definition that doesn't exist per se, some ingredients shine more than others for their nutritional value. One has been out there forever, mainly as the cornerstone of any healthy breakfast (cit.): Peanut Butter.

Food with a mascot

The main peanut butter ingredient is peanuts with a famous mascot: Mr. Peanut or his full name Bartholomew-Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe. According to Wikipedia, Mr. Peanut's main jobs are being a mascot, gentleman, and hero.

On a less anecdotal note, peanut butter is an excellent product because of its nutritional benefits for human health and its strong support for performance and training.

Five factors that make peanut butter healthy

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Peanut butter has five main factors that make it beneficial for healthy nutrition:

  • Healthy fats: peanut butter's monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats greatly sustain a healthy heart. The ratio between monounsaturated and polyunsaturated is similar to olive oil, a well-known healthy heart contributor.
  • Phosphorus: this element is abundant in peanut butter and helps the human body build healthy cells and bones, aside from assisting cells to produce energy.
  • Zinc: 100g of peanut butter contains 3.06mg (milligram) of zinc. Therefore, a serving of peanut butter consists of about 8% for men and 11% for women of their RDA (Daily Recommended Allowance). Zinc is necessary for immunity, protein synthesis, and DNA formation.
  • Niacin: Peanut butter is an excellent source of Niacin. It benefits digestion and nerve function and helps produce energy.
  • Vitamin B-6: A key player in over 100 enzyme reactions in the body and may be necessary for heart and immune system health. Peanut Butter is full of Vitamin B-6.

Three factors that make peanut butter perfect for training and recovery


How does peanut butter improve your performance and recovery? We have three main reasons for it:

  • Proteins: 100g of peanut butter contains 25g of protein. 25g of protein is a target
    amount for your recovery after any effort.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium is essential for health, as it plays a role in over 300
  • chemicals in-body processes. 154mg (milligram) of magnesium per 100g peanut
    butter gives you a solid bang for your buck.
  • Calcium: muscle work, blood clotting, the excitability of nerves and muscles control,
    heart rhythm, bone formation, and many other metabolic processes in cells are
    positively affected by calcium.

In a nutshell (pun intended), Peanut butter provides a good amount of fiber, proteins, and essential vitamins and minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, and zinc—all elements of a solid foundation to remain healthy and train efficiently day after day. 

Peanut butter from a nutritionist perspective

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As a nutritionist, I like to use peanut butter on different occasions:

  • For bodybuilding or to recover after a hard training session: Thanks to its high-calorie
    content, peanut butter is an easy way to increase calorie intake. One also benefits
    from the anti-inflammatory unsaturated fat intake. Peanut butter also provides a great
    source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing muscles.
  • For managing blood sugar levels:  Peanut butter is a relatively low-carbohydrate food
    that contains good fats, protein, and essential fibers. Because of these qualities,
    peanut butter (without added sugar) doesn't significantly affect blood sugar levels.
    Thus, people with diabetes may find it a good choice as a nutritious food.
  • As a means to increase daily unsaturated fat intake, which is anti-inflammatory,
    stabilizes heart rhythms, and improves cholesterol levels

Peanut butter in everyday diet


Is there any tip for squeezing peanut butter into anybody's diet? Well, that's why you are here, aren't you?

Eating peanut butter is easy. And as it is delicious, one can easily overeat it, so be mindful of your intake to avoid eating more calories than you need daily. Remember that two tablespoons of peanut butter are close to 200 calories.

You can include peanut butter in any diet by:

  • Making a classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Use whole-fruit, low-sugar jelly,
    and whole-grain bread.
  • Spreading peanut butter on rice cakes and topping with banana slices. It is perfect before or during a long training session.
  • Whipping up a Thai peanut salad dressing, using lime juice, rice vinegar, soy sauce, and honey.
  • Adding a spoonful to your recovery smoothies.
  • Dipping apple and pear slices into peanut butter for an easy snack.
  • Stirring peanut butter into yogurts or warm oatmeal.

Peanut butter in my diet

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For me, peanut butter is an ideal ingredient for any breakfast because:

  • It stabilizes one's blood sugar levels.
  • One digests it slowly; thus, it remains in one's stomach longer, which helps one feel full and satiated, allowing one to go longer between meals.
  • A spoonful of crunchy peanut butter requires more chewing. This action sends satiety signals, which may help to avoid overeating.
  • It will boost the protein value of one's breakfast, and muscles will love it.

To summarize, if you are looking for food that has the potential to upgrade your diet, give peanut butter a try because it brings a lot to the table:

  • It is full of fiber, essential minerals, and vitamins.
  • It contains a significant amount of protein.
  • It possesses healthy fats.
  • It stabilizes one's blood sugar levels and heart rhythm.
  • It is fantastic to boost your breakfast or midday snack.

Eric's peanut butter is my personal favorite

IMG 20210916 163817

So, peanut butter is good and healthy, but is there any peanut butter I prefer amongst the others? Yes, there is one. It is called Eric's. And I like it because Eric and I have the same idea about it:

  • We both love peanut butter.
  • It has to be fresh.
  • It has to taste good.
  • It has to be made only with natural ingredients.

Eric's Peanut Butter is made with dry roasted non-GMO peanuts and does not use palm oil preservatives or hydrogenated oils.

Lastly, Eric produces his peanut butter in small quantities (on demand) to ensure the best possible taste and impeccable quality. And all of it is pure Swiss.

raphael huber velo nutriperformx 01

Raphael Huber


"Connecting exercise & nutritional science"

Recipe by a Hungry Blond


4 ingredient energy balls which are so fast to make and delicious whenever you feel like a little snack or sweet treat ! approx 100 cals a ball.⠀

Ingredients ⠀

? 200g of @ericspeanuts ? 60 gr of coconut flour ⠀
? 60 gr of @happymaple_ch ? 1 tsp of vanilla ⠀
? 1 pinch of salt ⠀

1. In a medium bowl, add peanut butter, maple syrup, vanilla extract and coconut flour. Mix with a spatula, add a pinch of salt. Fold until thickened. Place the bowl in the fridge for 30 mins - 1 hour.⠀

2. Remove from the fridge. Using your hands, make little balls and place them on a plate or tray. Place them into the freezer to chill for 20-30 minutes, until somewhat firm.⠀

3. I store mine in the freezer and take one out whenever I want one !⠀

Recipe by @ahungryblond

Le Rougail beurre de cacahuète

Essayez sans plus attendre la recette du Rougaille au beurre de cacahuète proposait par le chef Norbert Copy de Novae Restauration. Cette recette est originaire de l'île de la Réunion. C'est un condiment issu de la nourriture Créole qui se mange avec n'importe quel plat de votre choix : des pâtes, un BBQ, en apéritif, etc.

Cette recette est très simple à réaliser et elle nécessite peu d'ingrédients. Il vous faut quelques minutes de préparations seulement pour obtenir un délicieux Rougaille au beurre de cacahuète. Votre famille va apprécier ! Dans tous les cas, mes enfants adorent, et moi aussi d'ailleurs.

Les cookies au beurre de cacahuète

Voici une nouvelle idée de recette proposée par notre chef Norbert Copy: les cookies au beurre de cacahuète.

C'est un classique, et en ces temps de confinement, c'est très facile à faire, il faut peu d'ingrédients et ça fait plaisir.

Suivez le guide et c'est à vous de jouer. Enjoy!

Une journée avec Aurélio

Une journée avec Eric's peanut butter ça se passe comme ça selon Aurélio.

Un bon petit déjeuner le matin avec du beurre de cacahuète Eric's bien sûr, une paire de baskets fidèles qui ont connu de nombreux dénivelés, de belles montagnes avec des vues imprenables. Il n'en faut pas plus à Aurélio pour profiter de notre belle région. Enfin, ce n'est pas tout à fait vrai.

Affublé d'un petit sac à dos, d'un piolet et d'une paire de crampons Aurelio a aussi gravi le Cervin et le Mont Blanc dans la journée et en moins de 24h. Ensuite, avec une tente et son sac de couchage il est certainement aujourd'hui la personne qui a dormi sur presque tous les 4000m en Suisse.

Merci Aurelio pour ces belles images, ces belles aventures. Et ce que j'essaye de communiquer, aussi, c'est qu'il est bien de commencer sa journée avec un bon petit déjeuner qui vous tienne sur la journée et qui soit sain. Je crois qu'un peu de beurre de cacahuète Eric's sur vos tartines peut vous aider dans ce sens.

Flying Ivan powered by Ericspeanuts


ivan jumping


"La montagne est l'univers dans lequel je me réalise le plus en tant qu'être humain. Cette histoire a commencé par l'alpinisme, le ski de pente, puis le speed riding, et aujourd'hui le base-jump grâce à ma wingsuit de montagne.

L'idée est simple: gravir des sommets pour les redescendre en volant. Les sauts les plus envoûtants (et parfois engagés) se situent presque tous entre 2500 et 3000 m. Et sauter d'une telle altitude exige d'être en parfaite condition physique pendant le vol. Aucune erreur n'est permise. Idéalement, il faudrait être au bord du vides deux secondes avant le saut avec la sensation de n'avoir rien grimper, ni consommer d'énergie.

Donc j'ai dû mettre au point un entrainement spécifique, un peu comme les trailers, pour supporter mes 9 kg de charge dans des pentes parfois a plus de 50 degrés pendant plus de 4 heures.

Alors pourquoi me direz-vous? Peut être simplement la sensation de vivre mon rêve d'enfant et d'être dans la peau d'un oiseau pendant deux minutes..." Ivan Reusse





The Dolent

IMG 20190718 160159

I took this picture last year while I was skiing down from the summit of the Dolent. Each time I look at it, it comes as a reminder of how lucky I am to have the ability to accomplish these kinds of adventure.

I should have woken up a little earlier that day, to be honest. When I left the parking lot in la Fouly, it was already 7:00 AM and the sun was rising fast. But I felt fine and moved swiftly up the mountain. When I reached the Col Ferret, the tracks had gone. There had been a long slide on the side of the face; the snow was hard-packed and very icy in some places. It was quite steep too, so I took my skis off.

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How did I started it all


It has always been hard to find good peanut butter in Switzerland, so I started to eat less of it.

In 2014 I began to make homemade peanut butter. I was surprised that it tasted so great. At the same time, one evening, I saw a French mother, on a television show, who gave peanut butter to her teenage daughters, and they loved it.

Surprised, it gave me an idea. I made a batch of peanut butter on the spot, put it in a spared jar and decided I would show it to our local food store in Aubonne. 

The jar was blank. I didn't have a logo much less a label.

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IMG 20181125 133343

One may ask "why peanut butter"? Especially in Switzerland.

My father is an American, and my mother is French. We lived in Leysin, in the mountains where my parents still have a chalet. It has the most outstanding view of the Alps.

We have always had more of an American lifestyle. On the WE, my sister and I, we often woke up to the scent of pancakes, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh toat, french toast, hot coffee or whatever else my mother or my dad had cooked. Breakfast always smelled nice, was delicious, and a family moment we loved to share together.

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Blondies Eric’s peanut butter and chocolat chips (gluten and lactose free)


800 g de pois chiches en conserve égouttés
1 œuf
250 g de Eric’s peanut butter crunchy
2 cuil. à café de vanille (grains de la gousse)
2 cuil. à café de levure bio
150 g de sucre complet
200 g de chocolat noir
1/2 cuil. à café de fleur de sel

Beurrer et recouvrir un moule rectangulaire (21 x 30 cm) de papier cuisson.
Préchauffer le four à 160°c.

Read more …Blondies Eric’s peanut butter and chocolat chips (gluten and lactose free)


C'est l'automne! Les arbres sont splendides. Il fait beau. Si vous cherchez une petite sortie en nature ce WE, je vous recommande cette superbe course à pied (45mn max.), ou marche à pied, à la Dent de Vaulion.

Garer la voiture au parking Pétra Félix qui se trouve un peu au-dessus du village Le pont à la vallée de joux, en direction du col du Mollendruz.
C'est rapide, superbe et la vue est magnifique au sommet.

Go Big

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7 raisons pourquoi Eric's est bon pour vous?

  1. Le beurre d'arachide Eric's est une source saine de protéines pour développer et réparer les muscles.
  2. Eric's est fabriqué uniquement avec des ingrédients naturels. Il ne contient pas d'huile de palme ni conservateurs. Il est naturel et délicieux.

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Peanut butter chocolate chip cookies




pour 6 personnes. Temps 20mn

180g de Eric's peanut butter
20g de beurre
100gr de sucre blanc ou brun
2 oeufs
200g de farine
1 cuillère à café d'extrait de vanille en poudre
1/4 cuillère à café de levure chimique
1/2 cuillère à café de sel
100g de ppites de chocolat noir ou chocolat rappé

Préchauffer le four à 180°C. Mélanger le peanut butter, avec le beurre et les oeufs entiers. Ajouter le sucre et la vanille en poudre. Incorporer au mélange la farine, la levure et le sel. Bien mixer le tout ensemble jusqu'à obtenir une patte sablée.

Ensuite, avec la pâte former une sorte de rouleau que l'on découpe en tranches. Placez les tranches sur une plaque à four. Cuire pendant 15-20mn.

Déguster les Peanut Butter Cookies avec un grand verre de lait. Trop bon!

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