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How did I started it all


It has always been hard to find good peanut butter in Switzerland, so I started to eat less of it.

In 2014 I began to make homemade peanut butter. I was surprised that it tasted so great. At the same time, one evening, I saw a French mother, on a television show, who gave peanut butter to her teenage daughters, and they loved it.

Surprised, it gave me an idea. I made a batch of peanut butter on the spot, put it in a spared jar and decided I would show it to our local food store in Aubonne. 

The jar was blank. I didn't have a logo much less a label.


I pulled out my computer, and with God's help, within minutes I had come up with a name and a first design.

I decided to call it Eric's. I put my name forward because I aspired to make a great product that would taste wonderful and that I would be proud to produce. Also, if people had questions or issues, they would know where to find me.

Since I eat peanut butter every day, I wanted it to be healthy. I didn't want to ingest palm oil or conservatives.  Moreover, if it were clean for me, it would be good for others too.

I printed my first label on my Deskjet printer, glued it on the jar and, in the morning, I visited our local food store.

I saw they already had peanut butter in stock but not the good one. I inquired how I could present my product. The person at the cashier, whose name was Sonny, asked what I had to sell. I explained I was producing local peanut butter and promised he would be satisfied if he tried my recipe. I gave him my jar, and I left. 

The next day Sonny called me back and enthusiastically agreed that my peanut butter was indeed terrific. He asked how many jars he could buy. I replied the minimum quantity to order was twelve jars.

So he bought twelve jars. He also said I would have to come up with a waterproof tag. I replied this was not an issue.

In truth, I didn't know where I could get twelve jars at a reasonable price, and I didn't know where to print waterproof labels.

Then I thought, "Others have done it before me, I should be able to do it too."