Jeremy is not only a prominent business figure in Hong Kong but also, and foremost, an all-around athlete. He is part of the New Zealand ski demo team and now focuses his energy to compete in outrigger canoeing.

He paddles for the Royal Hong Kong Club (Outrigger division) and is part of the Hong Kong outrigger national team.

Jeremy loves Eric's peanut butter which he favors as a source of long-lasting healthy energy.  It powers his strong strokes which enable him to take the lead in many outrigger races where he competes around the world.

I am honored to have him on the Ericspeanuts team!


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Ariane is 25 years old, super energetic, lives in Neuchatel and she took up trail running competition in 2016.

She already ripped some great results in the following races:

  • Marathon de la Transgrancanaria (7ième femme)
  • OHM trail (3ième femme)
  • Ecorga trail (1ière femmen
  • TVSB 
  • Ultraks du Matterhorn (32km)
  • Trail de la Vallée de Joux
  • Trail des Ducs à Montbéliard

And what better long lasting energy food than Eric's peanut butter to help her accomplish her goals and good fun mountain running. Happy that Ariane is part of the Ericspeanuts team!


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Louise 5

Louise is 16-years-old and swims since the age of 4 months. She now swims for the Lausanne Elite Swimming Club and trains over 20 hours per week while occupied in her studies at the same time.

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Athletes on Nuit de la Glisse movie set are eating Eric's peanut butter for long-lasting energy during their adventurous journey. Here Wille Lindberg eats breakfast with #ericspeanutbutter and enjoys some peanut butter cups before skiing the majestic Aiguille de l'Amône.


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Ivan is an experienced and careful skydiver, wing suiter, speed flyer, skier, climber. He is truly an accomplished unique adventurer. I am proud to be his friend and that he is part of the team Ericspeanuts. I look forward to sharing his outstanding adventures around the world. Ski hard, fly hard with #flyingivan.


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In the mid-90s, Dimitri was one of the first in the world to become a professional free-rider. He has accomplished numerous amazing achievements over his skiing career. Here he reaps the snowpark and the half-pipe in Cran-Montana. You can appreciate his smooth and pristine style on the snow as in the air. We are honored he joined the team #ericspeanuts.




Découvrez les aventures de @aureliovalentino, Ultra Trail Runner. Nous sommes très heureux de compter Aurélio dans le team #ericspeanuts. Voici quelques-uns de ses résultats de course en 2017:

  • 1ère place Trail des Dents du Midi relais 32km 2300D+
  • 1ère place Trail des Dents du Midi relais 32km 2300D+
  • 1ère place Trail des Patrouilleurs 55km 4300 D+
  • 6ième place Swiss Chanpionship Eiger 101km 6700 D+ 
  • 58ième place Diagonale des Fous 165km 10'000D+
  • Cervin et Mont-Blanc en 24h

Un de ses entrainements: La Tour-de-Peilz->Crêt du Moleson->Retour La Tour-de-Peilz. ;-)



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