Louise 5

Louise is 16-years-old and swims since the age of 4 months. She now swims for the Lausanne Elite Swimming Club and trains over 20 hours per week while occupied in her studies at the same time.

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Athletes on Nuit de la Glisse movie set are eating Eric's peanut butter for long-lasting energy during their adventurous journey. Here Wille Lindberg eats breakfast with #ericspeanutbutter and enjoys some peanut butter cups before skiing the majestic Aiguille de l'Amône.


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Ivan is an experienced and careful skydiver, wing suiter, speed flyer, skier, climber. He is truly an accomplished unique adventurer. I am proud to be his friend and that he is part of the team Ericspeanuts. I look forward to sharing his outstanding adventures around the world. Ski hard, fly hard with #flyingivan.


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